About our Shoes

We wanted to offer a whole package in custom clothing from head to toe. We saw how the option of footwear was lacking in uniqueness, size and a personal touch. We went searching for bespoke shoe factories and we found it in Spain. With have access to some of the Highest quality Tannery’s, Artisan, and materials.

Artisan Construction Methods

There are three basic methods of shoe construction: cementing, Blake welting, and Goodyear welting. For our Men’s Dress collection, we use both Blake and original Goodyear welting methods. Each of them has its advantages and defines how the sole is attached to the upper.
When talking about high-end footwear, the Goodyear Welt is often contrasted with the Blake stitch. With the Blake stitch, the upper is sewn directly to the sole, and it generally creates a more flexible type of shoe. On the other side, Original Goodyear Welting process has been associated with excellence and superior workmanship, involving +50 craftsmen and +100 handcrafted phases on each pair.


Box Calf, Polished calf, Painted calf, Painted full Grain, Kids Suede, Lux Suede, Linen, Patent, Flannel, croco, Ostrich, Python, and Alligator

Patina Workshop we have these styles; Camo, Marble, Papiro, Regular, and Museum.