About Our Shoes

Custom Shoes / Signature shoes

Like our clothing, our shoes are handcrafted in Spain. With access to the highest quality raw materials and the best artisans in the world. We find there is no better place to make shoes then Spain.

We are proud to provide custom and premade shoes!

With our custom shoes you will receive in 4 weeks.

With all the compromises we make in life, the color and style of your shoes shouldn’t be one of them.


  • Handcut patterns to ensure the best section of the fabric to be used.


Overview of Custom Options

With our custom options, you pick the Style of the shoe,  then the style of the toe cap from zurigo (Rounded toe for a traditional English look) or Monti (Classic elegance with a square toe).  From there you get into the sole, type of leather, suede, fabric, burnishing, Lining, laces, Patina intensity, and toe cap.


How to add burnishing to your custom shoe.


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