Brian Baity Studios

JP Couture is collaborating with local artist Brian Baity at Brian Baity Studios. This will bring you some of the classic accessories, with a modern and artistic touch to them. We are so excited to be working with him.

About Brian Baity

Brian’s particular innovation is intricate, precise designs on egg shells which are both crystalline as well as porous. He is a detailed master sculptor who celebrates the subtle, natural beauty of natural objects such as eggshells, gourds, wood and stone in a synchronistic way combining delicate and cutting-edge techniques.  His carvings reflect his respect for the most natural forms of the objects and has a diverse portfolio – from intricate eggs to fascinating gourds to wood carvings and jewelry.  

Brian has received a total of 30 awards with 8 of those in his jewelry. Many of those has been Utah’s Best of state awards.

Check out his products here!