Personal Fitting

Get an Expert Fitting

Book online for a private, one-hour fitting and a style consultation. We will take multiple measurements and a few pictures of your posture to ensure the perfect fit. Collaborate with your personal clothier to build your JP Couture Clothing.

You can also pick out your fabric and other option for your garment online. Then fill out your own measurements or choose the saved measurements.

Making the Suit

Your information is sent to our tailors in Thailand, who then begin work on your custom garment. It is handcrafted from start to finish using the highest quality fabric from England and Italy, giving you a unique individual style from your choices in the fabric, buttons, piping, and lining.

Delivery of your suit

Our turnaround is three to four weeks. Once your suit is done we will schedule a fitting with your Personal Clothier at your home or office. They will make sure you are satisfied with your garment.

Measurements are Saved Electronically

We save your Personal Measurements for quick tweaks and subsequent purchases. Enjoy hassle-free lifetime access to custom-fitting wardrobe necessities.