With all the compromises that we make in life, the fit of your clothing shouldn’t be one of them.

Nothing like having a suit just
slide over your skin
The most comfortable cuts that
are designed by you

There’s custom made and there’s

JP Couture

How to create a suit that is made for you

Step 1
Reserve your one hour style and fitting consultation
Step 2
Select your fabric color and cut.
Step 3
Measurement and instructions are sent off to be made
Step 4
Anticipate your suit to arrive in 4 weeks or less

Custom Wedding Suits

Having a custom suit for your wedding is the perfect way to invest in yourself, while have a great fitting suit for your special day.

Dress shirts to match your Couture
Collars to Cuffs. Classic and Modern Fit. We help you
choose what will make you look good.

Cufflinks Belts Ties

Having the right accessories takes your suit to another level

Luxurious footwear

Buying shoes from a department store can feel disappointing in the end.

Our custom made shoes take your comfort to another level.

Warning: once you have shoes made for you, you will want nothing but JP Couture footwear.

In 4 weeks or less you will have a suit that is made just for you
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