Men’s Jeans


Finding the perfect pair of off-the-rack jeans or chinos is next to impossible. Either the waist is too big, the thighs are too tight, or the length is wrong. Every man eventually settles on his go-to brand, but it’s usually just settling on a compromise rather than finding the perfect fit. With Jp Couture we have you covered — custom jeans and chinos made to your exact measurements with the details you choose.

Starting at $184.99

  • Your personal bespoke pattern is kept on file to ensure a truly optimal fit every time.
  • Customize your jeans with styling options including fabric selection, thread color, rivet style, and button-fly or zipper closure.
  • Compliment your bespoke trousers with our other custom casual offerings including sport coats, leather jackets, and polos.

Our Signature Line

Our Signature Line includes denim, Stretch denim, 100% polyester cooling fabric, Chinos, and more.

at $184.99

Our Candiani Denim

Candiani Denim was established in 1938 in a tiny town near Milano and is a family-run company ever since. With 75 years of experience, the enterprise grew to become the World’s finest and most sustainable denim mill creating the fabrics that gave birth to the Premium Denim Industry.

Candiani firmly believes in the importance of Made in Italy, Sustainability, and Innovation, values that are deeply woven into each fabric conferring inimitable quality and uniqueness to it.

We have the shades for every occasion!

There are 3 different washes in each shade.

The customization of your Jeans